Tuesday 10 January 2006

spam mail poetry

i'm sure i'm not the first person to post spam mail nonsense on a blog - i'm certainly not looking for a gold star for creativity. i just happen to think that some spam mail messages deserve public notice.

i wish i could write as eloquently as the (computers? humans? monkeys?) who generate spam mail messages do. look at the following unedited spam mail subjects. don't they make you smile?

reykjavik cayenne horntail arragon blimp

and hourglass excelsior
(sounds like a christmas carol. in excelsis deo...!)

may mitre, in exile
(consider yourself warned!)

try vermilion polaris

omission can't carla stein verisimilitude
(i think we should all start carla steining verisimilitude.)

it's almost tempting to open the messages just to see what further beauty lies within. ALMOST. and how about the names of the "people" who send them?

collin norbert
(i'm sure this is the name of a cabbage patch kid doll)

alric mcintomny
(alric's just not that mc-into-me...sob!)

more to come as the spam mail poetry project continues...


update: jan 13
my buddy in essex emailed to comment that she and a colleague keep a list of "namos del bizarro" that they receive as spam on one of their work email addresses. her highlights to date include:

Baron Patsy
Crocodile T Parcelled (i like this one)
Mohammed Nance
Cannon Horseflesh (ewww!)

meanwhile, sitting in my spam folder is a message from flanagan andrade. sounds like a high-roller who would be found at the baccarat table next to james bond in some monaco adventure...

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