Monday 6 March 2006

coconuts and cupcakes

i made another batch of cupcakes over the weekend in preparation for the mighty boosh, season 2. a bunch of us gathered at m's house yesterday to laugh along with vince and howard. making her first appearance was yvette, our boosh mascot.

photo credit: sd 2006

no doubt, the following will make very little sense to those of you who have never seen the mighty boosh, but here is what i submitted to the fansite art gallery.

"While it may be a bit optimistic to classify the attached as 'art,' we present to you Yvette, our coconut mascot inspired by the lovely Ruby and enchanting Precious Lilywhite in the Milky Joe episode.

Made entirely from a 39p coconut and materials found lying around the flat - knitted Rowan Biggy Print skirt, flowing pink hair with baby blue bow, sello-taped lips and eyes (a bit freaky, we acknowledge) - Yvette is probably better suited to the arctic climate of the Tundra than to the tropical desert island of her famous sisters.

Yvette may favor pastel colors, but she's no girly-girl. She earned her black belt in karate while training to join the Cheekbone Ninja delivery service. She speaks several languages, including her native French (hailing, as she does, from Tahiti). She is currently single, but has her eye on film director, Serge - not for the prestige, mind you. She senses that he has a deep soul beneath his rough exterior. Her hobbies include Scrabble and the occult; she is an accomplished cello player; and she frequently submits articles on the subject of paranormal occurrences to the Royal Thai Airlines in-flight magazine under the pseudonym Natalie Jones. Her favorite song was Ricky Martin's 'Living La Vida Coco-loco' until she heard Rudy & Spider's new sound and became a hardcore fan.

Yours Mightily,
The 'Artist' and Friends"

i haven't heard back from the website moderators yet, but yvette has already been offered a place on a's upcoming bike tour from argentina to alaska. m, the matchmaker extraordinaire, has also offered to post yvette's picture on her blog in an effort to help yvette find true love. c has also offered to help me design yvette's travel wardrobe. who knew that making clothes for a coconut would lead to so many other creative endeavors?!

meanwhile, check out these cupcakes!

photo credit: sd 2006

talk about fun with food coloring! s helped decorate them and took the picture.

this is the ultimate tulip-shaped cupcake:


striped with green, purple and orange frosting, with a dollop of yellow frosting, lavender sprinkles and a purple sugar flower on top. (sorry for the photo quality - this one came from my mobile.)

sadly, as lovely as the cupcakes were, i thought the cake part came out a bit dry. that's what i get for making up the recipe as i go. i found the chocolate chip cake recipe on and had written out the ingredients. the server was down when i went to make them, however, so i had to improvise the steps. hmmm. looking back now, it's clear where i went wrong.

one last note for the boosh fans: topshop!

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