Thursday 9 March 2006

international women's day

yesterday was international women's day. it was also a friend's birthday, and we had planned to meet her for dinner in the west end. i stopped at liberty along the way and bought her a pink gerbera daisy. when i got to the pub where we were meeting before the restaurant, the ladies at the bar asked me if someone had given me the flower for women's day. sadly, no... but the birthday girl was very pleased with it, so it served its purpose nonetheless.

when i got home, there was an email from a SOAS friend wishing me a happy international women's day. hurrah for the sisterhood!

dinner was lovely, by the way. we went to andrew edmunds, one of the only places i have ever been where they have pigeon on the menu (p tried it and said it was ok. i was a bit put off by its reddish color and quietly sipped my broccoli and stilton soup instead.) the entrees were fine - i was happily surprised that my simple penne pasta dish was so flavorful thanks to the sundried tomatoes and leaves of baby spinach. but we all raved about our desserts: s had tiramisu (almost as good as the ones he has been making) and i had cinnamon ice cream, which complemented the tiramisu so well that you can hardly blame me for taking a bite...or two... :)

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