Wednesday 22 March 2006

today's bargain: three blog entries in one

e and i went to see the documentary film ballets russes last night. the filmmakers have cleverly woven together archival footage, photo stills (many bought on ebay, apparently), and recent interviews to tell the story of rivals, lovers, success, failure, greed, power, war, racism, fans, dreams, and dance. it is less a day-in-the-life-of-a-ballerina story than a chronicle of the management decisions that took the company all over the world. as such, none of the principal dancers outshines the rest, but we did have a soft spot for the energetic nonagenarian, freddie franklin. go see the film; it is well worth it.


coming home on a crowded northern line tube after the movie, i staged my own quiet revolution: knitting while listening to prokofiev's romeo and juliet on my ipod. i find it somehow subversive to be so high-tech and low-tech at the same time. plus, it amuses me that people still find it so ...wrong?... to knit in public - on a tube, no less! - but i assure you that it is both (a) a practical, productive use of time and (b) a tactic to ward off the motion sickness i get by doing predictable things like reading on moving trains. and no one glares at me if i don't give up my seat, either.


in other news, my personalized google home page has informed me that yesterday's word of the day was aubade, a song or poem greeting the dawn. i am not a morning person (which is one of the things that s and i have in common), but i love this word and the idea of a song to greet the dawn. the closest i ever get to performing an aubade of my own is quoting bart simpson: "good morning, world!" but most of the time, it comes out more like, "nnnggggghhhhhhhrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzz....."

welcome, spring!

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Molly said...

Bran- I heard your news, congrats! Best wishes to S and yourself.