Sunday 19 August 2007

mitchell & webb

two of our current fave comedian/actors are david mitchell & robert webb.

we discovered them by watching episodes of peep show on virgin atlantic flights to and from san francisco. i used my birthday money to buy seasons 1-3 on DVD and we watched season 4 when it was on in the spring. if you haven't watched peep show yet (ahem, little sis, cough, cough), then you're missing out on some of the biggest laughs - and cringeworthy scenes - to come out in a while. look it up on youtube.

mitchell & webb were also selected to play mac and pc for the british apple ads. again, youtube it. funny.

recently, they started a sketch show called that mitchell & webb look, a TV version of their radio program, that mitchell and webb sound. watch some here on youtube. i got free tickets to be part of the audience for a season 2 live recording, and we went on friday night.

the recording was at the BBC television centre in white city (west london). the tickets said that access to the premises was from 5:45 PM; i got in the queue at exactly 5:45 and we barely managed to secure some of the last seats available. once inside the building, we waited in the cafe area, complete with dalek, until we were ushered into the studio.

they were using three sets for the recording but a surprising amount of tape had already been recorded on various locations. they showed us the recordings on several large video screens and we supplied the laugh track - one of the easiest jobs i have done in a long time! we also watched while they taped a few scenes live. can't wait to see season 2 in february! i am quite confident that it will still be funny.

while we were sad not to catch any of the angel summoner and the BMX bandit, they have continued with numberwang. i don't want to give too much away, so i am going to stop this entry here and suggest that you watch this. das is numberwang!

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