Saturday 11 August 2007

party like it's 1999 (or 1986 or 2007)


ok, i know it's not a very good photo, but the screen says:

"We request that no one take photographs or record tonight's performance.

This show is for your memories."

fat lot of good it did. the instant prince appeared on stage, the place lit up with people taking pictures on their mobiles and smuggled-in cameras. i can't say i didn't smuggle in my camera (or, for that matter, two rather sharp 4mm bamboo knitting needles, assorted sewing needles and a pair of scissors), but i didn't actually take pictures during the show. see, i've got principles.

and i've got memories of a REALLY GOOD SHOW! prince rocked
the O2 (the eyesore formerly known as the millennium dome). i'm sure you can find reviews of the concert elsewhere on the web. as people had been reporting, prince teased the audience with several encores after it seemed like the performance was over (of course, we had all read the reviews so we stayed there cheering loudly and expectantly - he kindly obliged.) the first half was mainly songs i had never heard before, with nostalgic ballads like purple rain thrown in to please the crowd (ser: it brought me straight back to the last dance of 8th grade when matt fisher finally asked me to dance! never saw him again after that but OMG i still remember that night.)

the second half was more recognizable for me, at least, and the last few people sitting got up and danced, until the entire arena was singing along and having fun. the energy was amazing, and it certainly looked like prince and his band were enjoying themselves, too. his band, incidentally, were terrific. he kept giving them solos and encouraging them by saying things like, "this is real music! this doesn't come out of a machine!" he was right. there was a lot of talent on that stage.

two enthusiastic thumbs up. i downloaded the new CD, so prince goes back on my regular playlist for a while.

i'm sure s is glad i have an ipod :)

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