Sunday 30 September 2007

why no plastic bottles at concerts?

i am hoping that someone will pick up this blog entry on a google search, and explain (in the comments, please) why you cannot bring in an already opened water bottle to a concert?

as s reported, we went to see gwen stefani at wembley arena on friday night. it was a fun concert and i enjoyed myself, but i was not happy to have to throw out my water bottle upon entering the arena. it was one of those cool bottles with a sports cap - perfect for the gym. weirder still, they wouldn't let me keep the sports cap and discard the bottle/water, although i was given the option to pour my water into a cup and discard the bottle/cap.


what possible harm could i do with a sports cap? i am genuinely curious, not because i want to hurt anyone, but because i cannot imagine why they are a security risk.

i was quite amused by the irony of it all, though. two guards made me throw out my bottle, but neither of them noticed that i had knitting needles, a crochet hook, a large stitch holder, and a pair of nail clippers in my bag. i had decided against bringing my scissors, but i shouldn't have worried. i could have had a scalpel and selection of box cutters in my bag and they wouldn't have noticed.

but ixnay on the ottlecapbay. whatever!

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aedredhead said...

i really have no idea why they wouldn't allow plastic water bottles into concerts, but they don't seem to allow open water bottles anywhere. i just wanted to leave you a little comment... however, you can bring your bong, your pot, your lighters, etc. with no problems.