Saturday 27 March 2010

bathroom :: bulgy bath

We have a bathtub...


Presenting the 'bulgy bath', extra spacious on one end for better relaxing and easier showering.


(Why did they leave it full of water? We have no idea.)


The builder questioned our desire to have the tap on the exposed edge, but we feel it will give easier access if we ever have plumbing trouble and need to get in there again. Of course, I fully expect to bash my knee or ankle on it when getting in/out, but that would be likely no matter where we put it. I'm just clumsy that way.

Next step: we're not exactly sure. Neither of us were home when the builders left this afternoon, and they didn't leave a note telling us when they'll return. The floorers are coming on Wed/Thurs so we have some peace and quiet for a few days. Unfortunately, still no flushing toilet!

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krider2010 said...

Water is in there to settle the bath and weigh it down. Necessary when any sealant/plater is applied round the edges, so they will not crack when it is first used with the extra weight in there. So leaving it in now I guess helps with the settling in advance...