Friday 26 March 2010

bathroom :: destruction

Before creation comes destruction...


They started by taking out the bathtub, sink and toilet cistern. As you can see, the tiles pulled off quite a bit of plasterboard with them. They plan to tile directly over the existing tiles on the long edge of the bathtub. Whatever works...!


Nice glimpse of evening sky through the window. The lack of flushing toilet scares me a bit - this is such a male way to leave the place overnight. At least I can fall back on training from travels through Egypt (no paper gets flushed) and Bali/Thailand/Philippines (often no flush at all). I just have to resist the urge to drink anything and I'll be fine!


This side of the bathroom has not changed much. I'm happy to see that they're tidy with their tools. Actually, aside from a certain bluntness and failure to give us much notice about scheduling, I'm fairly confident in their ability to do a good job.

And I'm glad that we haven't quit the gym... Need that membership card in order to shower for the next week!

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