Friday 2 April 2010

bathroom :: coming together

Look how much progress they made today!




it works! we just have to be careful not to sit on it until tomorrow morning when the silicone seal around the bottom has set. i'm happy to squat!



I love the tiles. I don't love the fact that we are short by 4 blue tiles, grrr... (Look closely at the bottom of the blue tiles above the bathtub - see the gap that is currently filled with wood? There.) For some reason, the tile shop only delivered half of the blue tiles before the job started. They have spent the past few weeks attempting to get the remaining tiles here from Spain. How hard is it?! Apparently hard enough. They were supposed to arrive on Wed this week; then Thurs; now they say next Tues. I hope they're right because the job can't really finish until the tiles are done - and more importantly, we won't be able to use the shower/bath until then. So, a few more days at the gym (we checked out of the hotel since we have a loo again) and then we'll hopefully have a fully functioning bathroom!

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emmasfabulous said...

I think your loo surround has a Japanese influence.