Thursday 1 April 2010

bathroom :: screed/screwed


This was the bathroom floor around 4 PM yesterday. They laid the screed in under an hour. This had several interesting effects:

The bathroom no longer smells like, well, urine. (Sorry, but that's what happens when the toilet doesn't flush). Now it smells like a concrete/adhesive mix. Mmmm, glue...

It also meant that we went from a non-working toilet to NO toilet! Screed = screwed! I managed to book a hotel in Wimbledon at the last minute. We really weren't prepared well enough for this job! I can live with showering at the gym, but my tiny bladder is finding the Lack of Loo difficult.

Finally, it meant that we had to move the washing machine to the hallway.


Sure hope we don't destroy the pretty new floor when we move it back. They're laying the linoleum today. Stay tuned!

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