Monday 15 May 2006

hens and chicks

ok, indulge me on another wedding-related post.

the british version of a bachelorette party is called a hen night, and (given that nothing else about our wedding has been traditional so far) i had mine last weekend. in other words, *after* the wedding. (click here to read about s's co-ed stag do.)

my chiquitas and i gathered at guanabara, a brazilian club in central london. i'm not one for clubbing often, but i really like guanabara. the music is lively, the caipirinhas are wicked, and the crowd is fun - not the usual sweaty, smoky, meat market.


c made sure that i had appropriate "i'm gonna get lei-d tonight" neckwear. she also provided a shot-glass-on-a-rope that says,

"I'm tying the knot...
So, buy me a shot!"

and a few plastic champagne flutes. she was quite dismayed when i filled my glass with water after doing the obligatory vodka shots.


a brief aside: you may have noticed that i prefer not to use names on my blog. i just think it's a bit creepy to have recognizable photos of people posted on the internet with their names attached (especially since many people i know, like me, have unusual first names.) fortunately, we had such an international bunch at the hen night that i can use nationalities - and dual and triple citizenships - instead.

holland, japan/uk, usa

croatia, ireland, uk

uk, usa/uk

ireland, uk, uk

usa, france, new zealand/canada/uk

we had a great night, and i was pleased that so many people from different stages of my life came along:

* one i have known since high school
* one i met in japan when we were teaching english there
* one from my course at SOAS
* one from student halls
* one from the crazy website (which will remain unlinked to this blog)
* two good friends of s's who have become good friends of mine
* my sister-in-law
* c's aunt, new to the crowd

(plus two unseen future brits who will be joining this world at the end of october!)



check out more pix on m's blog here

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