Sunday 12 August 2007

presenting the penguin

"i liked penguins before they were popular"
- my friend, m


last year for her birthday, i made jewelry, and i'm proud to say that she still wears and loves it. how could i possibly follow last year's triumph?

enter the penguin!


it took about one month of lunch breaks and stolen moments on weekends and tube rides to make the free pattern on knitty, plus accessories. naturally.

the penguin, who has been named ofelia (for pan's labyrinth, not hamlet) has two mix-and-match accessory combinations.

in the top photo, ofelia is wearing her yellow garter stitch scarf and stockinette mittens (i especially like the mittens - can you imagine a real penguin wearing wool on its wings?)

in the lower photo, she is sporting a striped black-and-white scarf, sewn together with a penguin button (it slides over her head for easier access.) her totebag is in moss stitch with a crocheted strap. it also has a penguin button on it. practical and fashionable, just like m.

she also has lovely, sparkly eyes and a soft tummy. must say, i was impressed with the pattern - she actually stands on her own. i hadn't expected that.

rumor has it that ofelia will soon be the penguin to add as your friend on myspace. stay tuned for details!

happy birthday, m! remember me in february, ha ha :)


Martina Dove said...

I absolutely loved Ophelia. She is currently working hard on her My Space page, there is lots to upload and say before the networking with the big names can begin.

In the meantime, any outfits donated will be greatly appreciated.

Sara said...

that is adorable!