Saturday 10 January 2009

200 posts!


i started this blog in november 2005 and this is post #200. i don't pay much attention to my stats but i wanted to mark this milestone.

originally i started the blog at the encouragement of acechick with a knitting/craft focus. sadly, i'm not prolific enough to have much worthy of showing off on a regular basis.

as it turned out, s and i started dating around then and i began with a post about our trip to belgium. then i moved to balham. next it was the holidays: a thanksgiving feast with friends, and my sister came for xmas. suddenly, i found a lot to blog about - i had plenty of time since i didn't have a job, and although my HSMP visa hopes were rapidly dashed, not long afterward i happily became mrs. d.

the rest, as they say, is history.

it has been fun to record our travels (s and i often ask each other while travelling, 'written your blog yet?'), culinary explorations, kitchen remodel, apple product appreciation, random observations, celebrations with friends and family, immigration process, and even a few crafty projects along the way. s approaches his blog differently: he has more defined categories for tech, photography, travel, and he writes for more targeted audiences. mine is mostly my own journal, written largely with friends and family in mind. not surprisingly, he has a larger following, including more people he has never met. i am just happy to have somewhere to share and store my memories and pictures.

looking forward to more blog-worthy moments in 2009. stick around for the ride!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your 200th post. That's really something! Here's to many, many more posts. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi b! i have been enjoying following your adventures... keep the posts coming! -beth d. (formerly beth c.)