Monday 24 August 2009

brighton up summer

Work has been fairly manic recently, to the extent that I either don't have time to make plans for the weekend or deliberately refrain from making plans so that I can complete exciting tasks like laundry, going to the gym, food shopping and sleep. Unfortunately I have missed most of the summer and I have not seen as much of my friends as I would like.

When work starts to invade my personal life, I try to find a way to take a break. J and S were kind enough to indulge my suggestion that we spend a day in Brighton. Between the beach, pier, marina, pavilion, shops and restaurants, we had a lovely day with amazing weather.

My new relaxation technique is to look at these pictures and imagine the water splashing over our feet while the sun beams down. (Thanks to J for bringing the sunscreen - none of us fried!) I try not to think too hard about the pebbles under sensitive feet - ow! ow! ow! - but there's no ignoring the fact that that is part of Brighton's charm. Plus, it makes for a good workout to walk along the beach from the pier to Brighton Marina and back, stopping at a local pub for Pimm's, shandy and bitter.

I feel better already!










Breathe in... breathe out......................

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