Tuesday 11 August 2009

happy birthday, bob!


bob is nearly three years old now, and has proved himself to be a resilient - if perpetually hungry - goldfish. he has been happily swimming around in his blue bowl with gravel at the bottom and an algae-ridden plastic plant, but we thought he deserved an upgrade. so we splashed out (no pun intended) on the baby biorb.

as instructed, we did not transfer him for the first 24 hours while the water had a chance to filter. but i hadn't washed the rocks well enough and it was still murky the following day, so we started over with fresh water and left it for another day. this morning, we moved him as gently as possible (it only looked like he was unceremoniously plunked into a new environment) and he took to it like, well, a fish to water.

he still mostly avoids the filter bubbles but i'm sure he'll begin to enjoy having a live-in jacuzzi soon. i know i'd love one! happy birthday, bob! many happy returns...

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