Sunday 22 February 2009

my new iToy

i bought myself an expensive birthday present:


it's sooo nice! i'm having fun playing with it and downloading apps. of course, two of the first apps i downloaded were yummy and yummy browser, developed by the talented, s. if you use to bookmark links and have an iphone or ipod touch, i highly recommend it. spread the word!

the iphone joins my long history of apple products going back to the mid-80s. i took the family macplus to college and wrote my senior thesis on it. i dragged a performa all the way to japan so that i could use the kanji kit. i sold the performa to a friend and bought my first mac laptop, a powerbook 1400 (the kind with the customisable cover), with the japanese OS. i donated it to the school where i taught japanese and replaced it with the beloved key lime ibook. s likes to call it a 'toilet seat' but i know it was a clam shell. i got a white 14" ibook before i moved to london and carried it to the british library to write my master's dissertation. my in-laws now use it and i have a black macbook.

in the meantime, i bought a 3rd gen ipod (40GB) which was stolen in the brussels train station on my way to zurich. that was one of the longest train rides of my life. i got a 20GB ipod instead, after having realised that i would never really use 40GB, until... s bought me a black video ipod when we got married. we got matching silver ipod shuffles for the gym. and now i have an iphone 3G.

s also has an impressive apple history. is it any wonder that macs and ipods helped bring us together?

you're welcome, steve jobs.

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