Wednesday 18 February 2009

the shopper's solution

Sainsbury's Revive 80% Recyled Pedal Bin Liners

I thought I should follow-up on my previous dilemma post. I got some good suggestions from a bunch of people - thank you! The majority felt that biodegradable bags were a good idea. At first glance I agreed.

But then I thought,

What is the use in having a biodegradable bag if the contents are not biodegradable?

It's enough to make the head spin. I finally settled, for the time being at least, on Sainsbury's brand recycled bin liners. They're pretty good. S claims not to have noticed the difference, but I think they are a better shape and size (i.e. more goes inside the bag than gets caught between the liner and the bin, leaving less of a yucky mess at the bottom.)

(By the way, I never thought I would give so much thought to the subject of garbage! I guess that's partly the point, though: get people thinking about what they use and leave behind. I'm not fully green - far from it - but I have a smaller carbon footprint than I used to.)


Morgan said...
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Morgan said...

Well, except that a lot of what does get put into garbage is biodegradable, though not all. I take your point, though.

Thanks for your work on this!

- Stasa, Musings of a Quaker Witch