Monday 2 February 2009

snowy monday

we interrupt pic of the week to bring you these photos from the snow storm! i had so much fun walking to work this morning. (not so much fun once i got there, but i still think every monday should start with a childlike sense of wonder at the magic of snow. the californian in me still loves big, fluffy snowflakes and heavy boots.)



i wish i could say that this apparent balance problem resulted in a snow angel, but alas, no such luck








today's snow was unusual and brought much of the country to a standstill. having lived in snow country, i think vast portions of the northern - and southern - hemisphere are laughing at us. i'm not alone.


Sara said...

beautiful!! I love that pic of Steven. Adorable.

aedredhead said...

beautiful! i love fresh, untouched snow. i love seeing it piled high on benches, and on railings and in trees! but when it starts to melt, and gets all mixed with sand and dirt, the beauty fades quickly. and of course, there is the whole having to walk through it, and drive in it. i love being able to see the occasional snow storm, and i am constantly pleased with my decision to move back to ca after four years of college in ma. thanks for the photos. you made my day.

brandarling said...

yay! thanks for the comments, ladies.

sara: stephen is sulking because i posted that pic (and because you gave him a 'v'. bad, bad.) but i thought it was cute, too. i have to watch out, though. he might retaliate by posting a really bad pic of me!

aed: the slush wasn't so pretty. my office, in the middle of an industrial park, wasn't so pretty. tomorrow won't be as pretty. but it was fab today!